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Hangzhou Mine Installed Two Fixed Rockbreaker Boom Systems For Jaw Crusher

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Hangzhou Mine Installed Two Fixed Rockbreaker Boom Systems For Jaw Crusher

The blocking of jaw crusher, commonly known as "stuffy car", is a situation that is easy to occur during the operation of jaw crusher. The two main reasons for the blocking of jaw crusher are: 1 The feeding amount is too large, which causes the material to be broken in the jaw crusher cavity too late and blocks the discharge port; 2. Enter materials that cannot be broken by jaw crusher, such as iron block.

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In the production process, once the material is blocked, the equipment will be forced to shut down. At this time, turn off the power supply and stop working first, and clean up the blocked materials before working. It should be noted here that no matter what the situation is, it is absolutely forbidden to take out the ore by hand from the jaw plate or the crushing cavity. You can use crowbars, iron hooks and other tools to deal with it. However, stopping to deal with congestion will waste a lot of time, and manual treatment has the characteristics of huge potential safety risks and slow work, which will affect the efficiency of the whole production line.

pedestal rock breaker boom systempedestal rockbreaker boomspedestal rockbreaker boom system

Nowadays, all major mines and sand and gravel aggregate yards installed a YZH fixed rockbreaker boom system. The rockbreaker boom system adopts electric control, so it is energy-saving and environment-friendly! Moreover, after installing the fixed rockbreaker boom system, the mechanized breaking is realized, the breaking efficiency is high, the construction safety of workers can be guaranteed, and the potential safety hazards can be completely solved! The fixed rockbreaker boom system ensures the production efficiency and profitability of the mine!


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