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How Can A Mining Make Sure The Pedestal Rock Breaker Booms System They Choose Is the Best?

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How Can A Mining Make Sure The Pedestal Rock Breaker Booms System They Choose Is the Best?

The pedestal mounted hydraulic boom systems installed above the rock crusher inlets or ROM hoppers. It helps minimize the downtime and prevent damage caused by oversize product blocking chutes and crusher inlets. The correctly sized rock breaker and boom system is the best combination for maximizing the productivity of a crushing circuit.

The primary factor to consider is making sure the rock breaker is large enough to break the material in minimal time. The rock should break within a maximum of three to five seconds, with oversize not taking more than 10 to 15 seconds. A breaker too small would reduce both the production capacity and lead to wear and tear on the system. Given below are the three essential tips to help construction crews find the best rock breaker boom system for any rock breaking work.

1. Size of Hydraulic Breaker
When looking for a hydraulic rock breaker boom system, the size of the hydraulic breaker plays a vital role. One needs to consider different factors as rock hardness, size, the size of the chute or crusher inlet, and the number of rocks per hour. A smaller hydraulic rock breaker would take more time to break the rock and clear the blockage.

On the other hand, if the breaker is too big, then it might not fit appropriately into the crusher throat or chute, where the blockage is likely to happen. Low rock hardness can damage the rock breaker. Instead of releasing the energy onto the rock, the tool would pass through the rock, which the tool-retaining pin would catch. It will lead the rock breaker to absorb the heat and not deliver it to the rock.

2. Consider the Boom Size and Reach
After you select the optimum hydraulic rock breaker, the rock breaker boom system needs to be the right one to carry the weight of the chosen rock breaker. One also needs to take into consideration the operating hours and whether there is a need to rake rocks in larger chutes or dump pockets. If this is the case, one might need to invest in a more massive boom system.

Hence, selecting a boom system too light for the application would lead to a higher maintenance cost, which will accelerate over time owing to excessive pivot pin and bus wear. It would lead to a failure in the structural components and would reduce the life of the boom system.

3. Availability of Safety Systems
To increase safety and reduce the downtime, one needs to consider an advanced collision avoidance system. It would provide collision avoidance in the real environment. Besides, one also needs to search for real-time area safety controls. The person can also search for Centralized or Fully Automatic greasing systems for maximizing the life of pivot pins and rock breaker bushes.

Thus, when one is looking to buy a rock breaker boom system, then they should follow the guidelines mentioned above to find the best one.





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