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Pedestal Boom Rock Breaker Break Boulders

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Pedestal Boom Rock Breaker Break Boulders

Recently, Chongqing Longshi Mining Company is equipped with YZH fixed pedestal boom rock breaker system on its aggregate production line, which can simultaneously break large stone materials at the entrance of raw material ore bin and the mouth of jaw crusher! The effect is excellent, Chongqing Longshi mining is very satisfied with the YZH pedestal boom rock breaker systems.

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Pedestal Booms Rock breaker System is a kind of high rigidity anti deformation hydraulic drive manipulator, including rotary base, big arm, second arm, hydraulic hammer, hydraulic oil pump station and wireless remote control device. The stationary pedestal boom rockbreakers system has the characteristics of small volume, large crushing capacity, stable operation, low noise, reliable performance, energy saving and environmental protection. YZH pedestal boom rockbreaker system has been used in mining, aggregate plant, quarry, cement plant and metallurgical foundry.

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