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YZH 2022 New Year's Message: Work Hard & Happy New Year

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YZH 2022 New Year's Message: Work Hard & Happy New Year

Dear friends:

Today is new year's day on January 1, 2022. The new year begins again and everything is renewed. At this beautiful moment of leaving the old and welcoming the new, we have ushered in a new year of 2022. On behalf of YZH, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks, sincere greetings and best wishes to all my colleagues who have worked hard!

2021 is a milestone year on YZH's development road. Looking back on this year, it is of great significance to YZH. We have experienced two landmark events together. 2021 is a great breakthrough in domestic sales of YZH! In 2021, we won various bids from major foreign mines, with a total value of more than 35 million, which means that our foreign trade business of YZH has embarked on the journey.

YZH will be further integrated with the national "one belt and one way" development strategy in 2022. YZH will continue to do a good job in the overseas development layout of RCEP.

We will also carry out in-depth organizational changes, fully open the division system, and realize that project management, R & D and design, assembly and commissioning, financial accounting, etc. are all included in the division system management, so as to truly achieve people, finance and materials; Responsibilities, rights and interests are highly unified, team enthusiasm and cohesion are mobilized to the greatest extent, and efforts are made to build a first-class system integrator in the industry in the new era.

The new yera has opened a new leap. In 2022, we will further control costs, improve efficiency and squeeze profits, so as to promote the operation and management level of enterprises to a new level.

The bell of the new year is still ringing in my ears. New hopes and aspirations resonate in time and space with a long chime sound!

Here, I would like to thank all YZH pedestrians for their hard work over the past year and their families for their silent dedication, understanding and support! We will live up to our expectations, work hard and do our best!

Usher in new opportunities in the new year; New opportunities and new dreams; New dreams bring new challenges. Let's strive for a better direction in 2022!

Last, It's a bad time, it's a good time, in 2021, we've had a lot of gains and losses, friends believe you're in the same boat as me, thank you for still choosing us and trusting us. No matter where you go, I am still here and always wait for you in 2022. Happy new year for all of you. Let's do make more profits and do good things for the world together.

YZH 2022 happy new year

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