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YZH Rockbreaker 2022/2023 Annual Meeting Ended Successfully!

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YZH Rockbreaker 2022/2023 Annual Meeting Ended Successfully!

On January 18, 2023, the annual meeting of YZH was successfully held in Alcadia Temperature Resort Hotel!

At the annual meeting, Mr. Zhang, YZH CEO, delivered an impassioned New Year's speech. He said that in 2022, although the external environment was complex and changeable, YZH fought bravely and won the whole industry, which helped YZH consolidate its foundation in mines around the country, expand its business landscape and gain high praise from all customers. In 2023, YZH will fully implement the "high-quality development" strategy, continue to provide high-quality equipment and services, and achieve a greater leap!

In the past year, YZH has continued to forge ahead on customer values by challenging itself and achieving customers. The fluctuation of raw materials, the fluctuation of exchange rate, the continuous increase of transportation costs, and the delay of delivery of international brands YZH quietly shouldered all the costs and pressures, just to satisfy customers. In order to better provide good equipment and strengthen the strict production process, the chairman of YZH took the lead in personally urging the workshop to rectify and go to the mine site for inspection, so that the image of YZH was revolutionized and entered the sequence of advanced companies with customer satisfaction.

In this year, YZH also won many honors, won the title of "high-tech enterprise" for the first time, and successfully obtained the "mine safety certification", and contributed to the "Chilean epidemic", all of which contributed to the promotion of brand influence.

In 2023, YZH will also fully delegate its authority to stimulate the vitality of the organization, so that it can respond quickly and make scientific decisions in the face of uncertain situations, so that YZH will have sustained competitiveness and maintain a leading position in the industry.

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At the annual meeting, the company also commended the employees and departments with outstanding performance in 2022. Subsequently, all employees of YZH played various fun games and interactive links, which can be described as a happy and peaceful scene.

The original intention has not changed. Go ahead through the waves! In the new year, I believe that the Yeyuan expedition will be able to climb the peak and blossom brilliantly!

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