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YZH's Booth Number At The MiningWorld Russia 2024

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YZH's Booth Number At The MiningWorld Russia 2024

Hall & Booth No.: 3 / 6039

Mobile: +86 15610128027

MiningWorld Russia, the largest mining exhibition in the Russia. 2024 Year, YZH, a leading manufacturer of Pedestal Boom Rockbreaker System, has participated in the exhibition with its latest mining equipment and innovative crushing solutions.

YZH miningworld Russia

Rockbreaker Systems: The Efficient Tool for Quick and Safe Release of Primary Crushers

In the mining and quarry industries, the efficiency and safety of operations are paramount. One of the key challenges faced by these sectors is the clogging of primary crushers due to excessively large pieces of aggregate. This not only halts production but also poses a significant safety hazard. To address this issue, Rockbreaker Systems have been developed, providing a quick and safe solution for releasing clogged crushers.

pedestal rock breaker boom system

The efficiency of Rockbreaker Systems lies in their ability to quickly and accurately target the clogged material. These systems are equipped with sensors and intelligent controls that allow for precise targeting and minimal collateral damage. This ensures that the crusher is cleared as quickly as possible, minimizing downtime and maximizing production.

stationary rock breaker boom

Moreover, the safety features of Rockbreaker Systems are paramount. These systems are designed with operator safety as a top priority, utilizing multiple safety mechanisms to prevent accidents. From automatic shutdowns in case of malfunctions to isolation switches for operator protection, these systems provide peace of mind to operators working in potentially hazardous environments.

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