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Yunnan Aggregate Plant Installed YZH Stationary Rockbreaker Systems

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Yunnan Aggregate Plant Installed YZH Stationary Rockbreaker System

With the transformation and upgrading of the gravel aggregate industry, it is imperative to build a new gravel aggregate production line in line with national policies, environmental protection requirements and industrial upgrading requirements! In order to comply with the development trend of the times, Yunnan Qujing aggregate factory has installed a Stationary Rockbreaker System in the feed inlet of a new sand and gravel aggregate crushing production line. On the one hand, the YZH Stationary Rockbreaker System is to meet the development needs of intelligent, mechanized and green environmental protection mines that meet the national requirements. On the other hand, YZH Stationary Rockbreaker System will completely and effectively solve the problems of jaw crack jamming and blocking, Ensure the production capacity and profitability of the gravel line! The YZH Stationary Rockbreaker Systemwill also greatly ensure the work safety of on-site workers, avoid the occurrence of dangerous accidents and avoid the outbreak of hidden risks.

China YZH Rockbreaker SystemsChina YZH Stationary Rockbreaker SystemChina YZH Stationary Rockbreaker Systems

The main application scope of theYZH Stationary Rockbreaker System includes: crushing large rocks to eliminate blockage, secondary crushing in gravel plant, slag removal and shelling in foundry industry, underground channel blockage, stone crushing, ore yard crushing and other workplaces requiring crushing.

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