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YZH Fixed Hydraulic Manipulator Was Successfully Installed In Hainan Aggregate Plant

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YZH Fixed  Hydraulic Manipulator Was Successfully Installed In Hainan Aggregate Plant

In the mine and gravel aggregate yard, when a large amount of ore is piled up in the crushing chamber, it is easy to cause blockage. At this time, the traditional way to deal with the blockage is to turn off the power and stop working, and then clean up the blocked materials before resuming production.

If the blocked large stones cannot be handled in time, it will not only affect the production efficiency, but also the materials adhered to the jaw plate will corrode the jaw plate, accelerate the wear of the jaw plate and shorten the service life of the jaw. Therefore, it is a very necessary step to conduct secondary crushing of large stone block materials before the materials enter Hubei broken. Or if the materials do not want to stop production after entering the material inlet, it is very necessary to install a fixed hydraulic manipulator near the material inlet of Hubei broken. The fixed hydraulic manipulator can effectively avoid this problem.

Hydraulic ManipulatorFixed ManipulatorManipulator

YZH fixed hydraulic manipulator has the super function of "clearing the cavity with one key". This function is used to solve the problem of blockage of crusher Material port. The principle is that the motor drives the hydraulic pump to control the oil cylinder through the electric proportional valve to move back and forth, and then hit the large stone through the remote control or driving room. The stone is broken into small stones in the material cavity and the stone falls, The whole process does not need to be shut down and does not affect normal production.


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